Gene Expression Visualization Explorer

About GEVisE...

GEVisE, pronounced 'Jeeves', after the valet in the novels of P. G. Wodehouse, is a web application for exploring and fetching graphical visualizations of gene expression profiles from immunological-based microarray studies.

  • The application supports either single-gene queries against official gene symbols or their synonyms, returning an expression profile for each probe in the dataset that targets the gene, or pathway-based queries that return a set of expression profiles for the genes in the order they occur in the pathway.
  • Full-sized images can be saved in PNG format by right-clicking and selecting "Save Link As...". Thumbnail images can be saved by right-clicking and selecting "Save Image As...".
  • Profiles from non-annotated probes for a dataset can be displayed by submitting the query term 'probeNA'. Please be aware that this can return a large number of profiles, making the browser appear unresponsive during retrieval of the images.
  • GEVisE was developed by Dr Nigel Binns in the Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine at The University of Edinburgh
  • This work was supported by the European Union and the BBSRC.
Version: 0.9.5
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